Tournament description

We invite you to take part at the DBMM Stoertebeker Cup. The tournament will be played with the DBMM V2 rules combined with our houserules. This year we have a theme tournament, based on the „1. Crusade“. Time of your armyselection must be 1096—1128 AD. The following armys are legal to choose:


IV Nr. 7 Early Crusader


III. Nr. 66 Fatamid Egyptian

III Nr. 74 Seljuq Turk

IV Nr. 1 Komnenan Byzantine

IV Nr. 2 Cilician Armenian

IV Nr. 6 Syrian



You can play DBMM on one of the most beautiful North Sea Islands, Baltrum has simply everything to offer, which is every holiday dream come true. The island has a beautiful 7 km long sandy beach and a spectacular dune landscape. 


Registration incl. armylist until 15 march 2016 to
Jann Bengen
Westdorf 139
26579 Baltrum, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)4939 262


Arrival: 01.04.16 port Neßmersiel. Departure of the ferry: 15.00 am or 19.00 pm
For other dates have a look at the “Timetable ferry” link.
First game on Friday evening. Second, third and fourth game on Saturday. Saturdayevening: Dinner in the Hotel Strandburg. Sunday departure possible at  08.30 am or 17.00 pm.

Parking in Neßmersiel: 3,50 € per day. Minimum 12,- €
Ferry: 28,00 € for a return ticket
Accomodation Hotel Strandburg:
39,00 € per person incl. breakfirst (special offer) in normal rooms
46,00 € per person incl. breakfirst (special offer) in rooms with a balcony
Dinner at Saturday: 24,00 € per Person

Prices for the tournament winners:
One Stoertebeker silver coin and the challenge cup “Bester General” for the player with the most total-victory-points
One painted naval element and the challenge cup “Bester Admiral” for the player with the most naval-victory-points.


19. DBMM Stoertebeker Cup 2016

DBMM V2 tournament 01.04. - 03.04.2016 

„Deus lo vult“  - God want it!

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